Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence – Digital Era

The artificial intelligence is the type of computer systems can used to perform high tasks that would normally require a man power for operations. Some researchers of artificial intelligence trying to bring out the emotional quotient to the machines along with general intelligence. The artificial intelligence can help to reduce the difficulties facing by humans and the chances of errors is almost nil. The greater accuracy, precision is achieved with the help of artificial intelligence. You can increase the rate of productivity with the help of artificial intelligence.

It removes some boring tasks and free them up and enhance the creativity in manufacturing products on this digital era. The technologies used in the artificial intelligence has the capability to take faster decisions and carry on actions quicker. Also, it helps to finding and avoiding technical errors easily. The risk taking by the human on machines is very high.

 It may affect the cost of productions and manufacturing. But with the help of artificial intelligence you can lesser the risk and it could potentially lead to massive benefits in areas such as demand forecasting, medical diagnosis and oil exploration. The quality inspection system machine can easily perform the tasksand it may extent to new level with the help of artificial intelligence. It is very complex in nature and understanding the concept of artificial intelligence is very difficult for humans.

The artificial intelligence is used in exploring spaces by sending intelligent robots fed with complete information’s. It has greater ability to endure space atmosphere. They are also used in mining and fuel exploration. The Cortana from Microsoft can also be automated with the help of artificial intelligence. Intelligent machines can replace human beings in many areas of work.

Robots can do any type of tasks in quick period of time and they can easily manage themselves with greater responsibilities. Usage of smartphones in day to day life is the greater example of artificial intelligence. The maps, GPS locations gives us the best short routes for human which can be easily predictable while driving a car or bike. Fraud detection can be done using smart card systems with the use of artificial intelligence.

 Some banks and financial sectors are benefited by managing record in systems. It is used more in medical field where the robotic radiosurgery helps to achieve precisions in the radiation given to tumours, thus reducing the damage to surrounding tissues.

The educational field are getting more benefits with the help of artificial intelligence. There are lot of cons in AI. We need to spend a lot of money to use this service and it will take more time to rebuild or repair the machines built with artificial intelligence.

 The storage used is very expensive and access, retrieval is not easy tasks and the programming is very difficult to learn for humans. Replacing robots for specific jobs leads to major unemployment and the humans must be too dependent to artificial intelligence and they even lose their mental capacities.