The Open Skies Have Gone from Dream to Reality

An open sky has an undeniable appeal. It’s a rare person who hasn’t gazed up at the sky and wished for the ability to fly. But most people leave it at that. They wish for it, and just as quickly forget about that dream. But this is more often simply due to the fact that people don’t really consider how many options we have to get up there.

The Open Skies Have Gone from Dream to Reality

The idea of humanity taking to the sky was once regarded as little more than fantasy. The invention of the airplane changed all that. But it was still out of most people’s reach. Even a few decades ago people usually saw flight as something too expensive for the average person. Air travel was a rare occurrence that one took very seriously.

All of this shows that we technically achieved the dream of flight some time ago. But a rare chance to take to the skies isn’t really what people wanted. The dream was all about freedom. The skies represent an ability to travel the earth freely and without boundaries. Having to limit oneself to a rare moment of travel detracts from how glorious flight can be. It’s taken quite some time to reach this point in history. But as a species we’ve finally reached a point where one can simply take to the skies for the sheer pleasure of the experience. Or one might even make a career out of it.

There’s a lot of reasons why one might want to …

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