Expired Date, Best Before, Use by Date, What's the difference?

Expired Date, Best Before, Use by Date, What’s the difference?

When buying a packaged food product, we should look at the expiration date.

Usually the packaging will say one of the expired date, best before or use by date. Actually, what’s the difference?

studyello will discuss the terms expiration date on food packaging. Let’s see the explanation!

All types of food have a grace period to be suitable for consumption. So is packaged food. Packaged food can spoil even though it has been packaged in such a way.

Therefore, we need to understand what food expiration looks like and the expiration date on food and drinks.

What is the definition of expired food?

Expired food is a product that cannot be consumed again according to a predetermined time. This time is usually referred to as the expiration date. Expired food usually changes color, smell, taste, texture, and thickness

The same goes for expired drinks.

To find out when food and beverage products will expire, we generally check the expiration date. Well, there are 3 types that are commonly used, namely expired date, best before, and use by date.

Let’s look at the explanations one by one!

Definition of Expired Date

Expired date or expiration date is the length of time the food is in good condition, before the food then starts to rot, is not nutritious, or is not safe for consumption.

expired date is usually used in packaged food that has a shelf life for a certain period of time. While in other countries, especially Europe, the expiry date …

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