British Columbia’s Education System

Post SecondaryDo you have a kid with autism or a studying disability that is 16 years or above, and still in higher school? Eight region-primarily based Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) are responsible for conducting the 3 public examinations, Junior College Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC), in addition to granting recognition to non-government secondary schools.

In 2006-07, Canada’s public expenditure on public education exceeded $78 billion, with about $41 billion directed to the elementary and secondary levels, $32 billion for postsecondary education, and just about $5 billion for other sorts of education, such as retraining and language education for newcomers.

Numerous college and post graduate educated and highly productive girls from varied racial and ethnic backgrounds are indoctrinated to stay within their racial and/or ethnic ingroup and to date men from their racial and/or ethnic ingroup even if they are not hugely educated and/or not highly profitable.

This describes a distinct form of Greater Education that gives a particularly intense integration with the world of operate in all its aspects (including teaching, finding out, analysis and governance) and at all levels of the overarching Qualifications Framework of the European Higher Education Location.

This is to make certain that the school is concentrate on offering education excellence to the students. In reality, only about 65% of higher school students do in truth start some form of postsecondary education, and around 25% graduate! Christopher Hayter writes that post secondary schools need to be ‘Globally …

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