University of Phoenix Recognized by Largest Cybersecurity Body, EC-Council, for Cybersecurity Academic Excellence

Further cementing its status as a leading institution for gaining in-demand skills in cybersecurity, University of Phoenix recently received a 2021 Academic Circle of Excellence Award from EC-Council, the world’s largest cybersecurity certification body. This is the third year University of Phoenix has received the award in recognition of the University’s success in preparing students with an associate, bachelor’s or certificate in cybersecurity. These programs provide skills that students need to apply math, science and engineering principles, to use computers to solve technical problems and to contribute to network defense.

University of Phoenix cybersecurity degree and certificate programs are designed to meet the needs of adult and nontraditional learners with flexible online courses, and the certificate programs in cybersecurity prepare students to take certification exams administered by the EC-Council including the Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) and Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) exams and the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam.

“University of Phoenix has continued to prepare workforce ready professionals with the tactical cybersecurity skills required in today’s emerging industry,” said Wesley Alvarez, Director of Academics at EC-Council, in a related release. “We are pleased to honor them for the third consecutive year with the Circle of Excellence award, representing elite Cybersecurity programs dedicated to student success.”

Certificate Programs in Cybersecurity at University of Phoenix

Certificate programs in cybersecurity at University of Phoenix, which can be applied toward a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, include an Advanced Cybersecurity certificate …

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Fun Ways to Fit in Homeschool Fitness

Fun Ways to Fit in Homeschool Fitness

People tend to think of fitness as a hard-core workout that takes up a lot of time. And as a busy homeschool parent, the last thing you can handle is adding an intense P.E. class to your daily schedule. Fortunately, you don’t have to because there are several fun ways to fit in fitness, like the examples below.

Hit the Park

Not much can beat a good day in the park. You can let your kids run, play, and work off all their energy while getting some exercise in. The best part is that they don’t even realize it’s exercise.

Pillow Fights

This might seem silly, but pillow fights can get the heart pumping and burn a lot of calories. And they are really fun.


Make a playlist of your kids’ favorite songs and have random dance parties throughout the day. It provides great exercise and helps wake them – and you – up when you’re ready to crash from working through multiplication tables for the 80th time.

Create An Obstacle Course

Here’s a great way for fun and learning. Have your kids help you design an obstacle course at home. Planning and building it will help work on measurements, organization, budgeting, and much more. Once it’s finished, they have a way to exercise and something to be proud of.


Homeschooling doesn’t mean you’re on an island. There are plenty of programs that your children can join that keep them fit and take the burden of organizing …

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On the net Special Education Courses

On the net Special Education Courses

When you are just beginning out in your career and would like to teach kids with physical and mental disabilities, consider enrolling in online special education courses.

Presently, the have to have for special education is given priority focus, because it must. That is simply because the amount of students who have to undergo special education is growing. And early identification and intervention could be the very first step in helping these students study to rise above their conditions and succeed in life.

In some countries just like the USA along with the United kingdom, it can be a will have for special education teachers to hold degrees to prove their competency, depth of instruction, and exposure inside the field. While, since of your have to have, some are teaching with emergency certificates to quickly deal with the requirements and needs of these unique youngsters. To address this problem, well-known international schools have created special education courses readily available on-line to interested men and women irrespective of where they possibly living. Therefore, in effect, it speeds up the approach of acquiring degrees and education certificates for those who would like to teach children with unique demands.

Online Special Education Courses operate mostly via a set of modules offered by facilitators to educators. Every one of the modules highlights categories and sections made for particular teaching goals or objectives like: to adequately introduce and acquaint the teachers for the nature of special education and their future students, to orient and prepare …

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Field Trips for Children Who Are Home Schooled

Field Trips for Children Who Are Home Schooled

Field trips for youngsters who’re homeschooled may either be really cheap or very elaborate and dear. When deciding what type of trip your house schooled child is going to take the goal of the trip should be considered along with the subject it is for. Excursions are supposed to be experienced for the kids that also educate them; they work to be in locations other than your home.

Accomplishing Various Tasks

A study trip for a property schooled child can be used to accomplish various tasks. One task it may accomplish is that it enables you to provide everyone with a break from your environment of experiencing school in the home usually in one room. When children visit public schools or private schools many of them switch classes throughout the day so these are not limited to merely one room for the complete day. An abstract example within a textbook can also be taken to live by a weight field trip. Math lessons can easily be taught inside a market, supply store, or anywhere that has interesting things for a child to count which will keep their attention.

A Straightforward Picture Yours

Another thing a field trip can accomplish is to bring a straightforward picture yours. Parents may choose to get their child for the zoo as a way to permit them to see firsthand animals that they will be studying at some time. History may be taken to live sometimes by a weight trip. In some cases when a …

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Continuing Business Education Is Considered Cool

Continuing Business Education Is Considered Cool

Is now the right time to improve your business education? Are you working in the military and you want to be promoted, if so then you will need degree. If you work in logistics services or you are managing the financial affairs of military unit then it will certainly help to have business degree. In many companies and companies if you have business degree, you have upward mobility, and if you already have job, it makes sense to get degree so you stay with the company, and other people are laid off, while you receive promotion. This is where ongoing education comes in, and this might be an excellent time to get business degree. Let me explain.

It seems that there are seats available in some of the leading business schools in the country now, and they need to fill those seats, and therefore they might offer quote. Is it important where you get your business degree? Yes, it’s important on your resume, and not all business schools are the same. Some of the most popular may not be the best, so you still have to shop.

On September 17, 2012 there was an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled; “B-School Applicants Decline for the Fourth Year,” by MelissKorn. The article shows decrease of 20% in the last 2 years in some very famous business schools. Even the Yale School of Management has decreased almost 10% in the last two years.

Now that’s probably very good article for you …

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