University of Phoenix Recognized by Largest Cybersecurity Body, EC-Council, for Cybersecurity Academic Excellence

University of Phoenix Recognized by Largest Cybersecurity Body, EC-Council, for Cybersecurity Academic Excellence

Further cementing its status as a leading institution for gaining in-demand skills in cybersecurity, University of Phoenix recently received a 2021 Academic Circle of Excellence Award from EC-Council, the world’s largest cybersecurity certification body. This is the third year University of Phoenix has received the award in recognition of the University’s success in preparing students with an associate, bachelor’s or certificate in cybersecurity. These programs provide skills that students need to apply math, science and engineering principles, to use computers to solve technical problems and to contribute to network defense.

University of Phoenix cybersecurity degree and certificate programs are designed to meet the needs of adult and nontraditional learners with flexible online courses, and the certificate programs in cybersecurity prepare students to take certification exams administered by the EC-Council including the Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) and Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) exams and the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam.

“University of Phoenix has continued to prepare workforce ready professionals with the tactical cybersecurity skills required in today’s emerging industry,” said Wesley Alvarez, Director of Academics at EC-Council, in a related release. “We are pleased to honor them for the third consecutive year with the Circle of Excellence award, representing elite Cybersecurity programs dedicated to student success.”

Certificate Programs in Cybersecurity at University of Phoenix

Certificate programs in cybersecurity at University of Phoenix, which can be applied toward a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, include an Advanced Cybersecurity certificate program that can offer students insight into how to keep computer systems safe from data breaches and cyberattacks using hands-on simulations. There is also a Cybersecurity Digital Forensics certificate program that can give students the skills they need to plan, implement and monitor security measures and prepare students for the ECIH and CHFI exams.

The Cybersecurity Network Forensics Certificate prepares students for the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst security exam. The Cybersecurity Policy and Governance Certificate can give students tools to protect data for businesses and government organizations and educationally prepare them to sit for the EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer exam.  

University of Phoenix has continued to expand its skills-aligned courses and programs, collaborating with market data specialist Emsi Burning Glass to identify the most in-demand skills from employers and ensure that courses are building those career-relevant skills assessments within courses to track students’ progress. 

Preparing a New Cybersecurity Workforce

In order to qualify for the 2021 Academic Circle of Excellence Award from EC-Council, University of Phoenix had to demonstrate its dedication in a number of areas. These included its commitment to educating and making a difference in the cybersecurity workforce as well as the response from students following EC-Council courses. Also taken under review by the EC-Council were the University’s evaluation reports following classes, student and alumni engagement, the number of students who pursue EC-Council certification exams, the number of students taking cybersecurity courses and the University’s emphasis on continual program development.

One of University of Phoenix’s advantages in preparing students for future careers in cybersecurity is its faculty expertise. Faculty in the College of Business and Information Technology at University of Phoenix have an average 30.7 years of professional experience and are an invaluable resource when it comes to navigating the job market and identifying trends in the cybersecurity industry.

“The EC-Council Circle of Excellence Award confirms the University’s commitment to provide career-relevant training and degree offerings to our working adult learners,” said Kevin Wilhelmsen, Ph.D., dean, College of Business and Information Technology at the University. “Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field, and this award allows us to demonstrate to the cybersecurity community and most importantly, to our students, that we are evolving with their needs for a career-ready education.”

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is committed to advancing the educational goals of adult and nontraditional learners and to helping students navigate career options that best suit their interests. The University’s degree and certificate programs are aligned with numerous in-demand career paths including information technology, computer science and cybersecurity. They provide flexible start dates, online classes, and numerous scholarship opportunities.

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