Importance of Biology in Human Life

Biology is the study of life and is used in different fields. In Biology, we learn about life, different scientists, diseases, organisms and many other aspects related to life on planet earth. Without biology, we would not be aware of the environment in which we are all living. Biology tells us about different organisms – both extinct and present along with their mechanism. The study of biology educates a student about all living beings.

It is an immense and simple subject which explains about life, its functions and physical makeup of our bodies, how our body works, different types of nutrition along with its benefits including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats. It is important to study biology because it is a general science that is used in our daily life. Along with all these, biology also explains us about nature, landscape, and about the different microscopic organisms around us. The main significance of biology is to study the relationship between each species.

Importance of biology

➢ Biology is very important as it explains about the differences between the living, nonliving and about the different biological processes, including reproduction, metabolism, respiration, digestion, excretion, etc.

➢ Biology helps us to learn how the different organ systems function in our body to keep us healthy. Without Biology, there would be no cure and treatment available for numerous diseases and infections.

➢ Biology teaches us about the plants and how they can be beneficial to us and also about the different biological process, life cycle and importance of photosynthesis.

➢ The main advantage of learning biology is to know the benefits of nature to man. In this subject, we can learn about the different source of food both from plants and animals, including milk, meat, eggs, etc.

➢ Apart from all these, biology also warns us about the dangerous consequences which can be caused by the Environmental Deterioration.

Biology is the natural science, which is concerned with the study of principles governing life processes. Due to the great contribution to man in different ways, biology is taught in every educational institute as a main and compulsory subject.

These were a few points to explain the importance of biology in human life. For more detailed information, subscribe to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel and watch interactive video lessons on various biology-related topics.