Post Secondary Degree

Post SecondaryPost seconadary education is optional for those who want to earn a particular degree, understand a specific trade or just get understanding in a particular field. Students who are coming to British Columbia from a different school method should really submit an official statement of prior standing, such as a report card, to the college they want to enroll in. You ought to also have the preceding college records and transcripts, copies of all the course outlines and content.

College and/or post graduate educated extremely prosperous profession women are exposed to issues through their education that lesser educated men are not exposed to such as aspiring to higher ambitions, logical pondering, and openness to other lifestyles and cultures.

The boards’ headquarters are situated in Barisal, Comilla Chittagong, Dhaka, Dinajpur Jessore, Rajshahi and Sylhet In addition, the Madrasah Education Board covers religious education in government-registered Madrasahs, and the Technical Education Board controls technical and vocational instruction in the secondary level.

These sturdy secondary CTE programs have to be built on a foundation of profession awareness at K-5, profession exploration in grades 6-10, and profession preparation in grades 11 and 12. If CTE programs have a robust hyperlink to the core academic subjects and have academic rigor then higher school graduates will be nicely positioned to enter the labor force of the 21st century and be in a superior position to seek the advanced expertise and skills at the post secondary level.

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