Success Requires Forward Thinking

Success Requires Forward Thinking

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Success goes to those who take action and are going someplace, not the ones who are standing still, waiting for something to happen. They are people who know that success requires a goal, a plan, hard work, determination, great performance and a few adjustments, as they go along. They look to the future because, like it or not, that is where they are going.

“People who march into the future with their eyes closed and their fingers in their ears will always bump into things that will hurt their chances for success.” — Bob Roth

Ignoring the warnings of those who have gone before you and being unprepared for what is coming at you is just plain stupid. Wise students want to know what they will face and how others have successfully dealt with those challenges. They know that they will have to compete for success. Although they cannot be certain that they will succeed or even how far they will go, they understand that failing to compete and giving up will seal their fate.

Savvy students understand that success is something they must work for, strive for and even fight for. They know that it rarely falls into the laps of the undeserving.

Where are you going and what will you need to get there?

– A need that you want to fill (goal)

– The steps you will take (a plan)

– What you will need to learn (education)

– The skills you will need (experience)

– Your work attitude (determination)

– Your work activities (hard work)

– Your performance (results)

– Your flexibility (adjustments)

When you know where you want to go and anticipate the challenges ahead, prepare for them, apply what you have learned in the past and work as hard as you can, the likelihood of your success can be improved. All of this requires forward thinking. You must be able to see whatever is coming at you early enough to react and take action.

When students do not practice forward thinking, life will slap them in the face. The plain truth is that you can change and improve everything you need for success. It may not be easy, but highly motivated students can accomplish great things. You control the:

– Effort you put into college courses

– Amount of job-related experience you gain

– Attitude you present to others

– Improvements you make in your communication skills

– Leadership skills you develop

– Results you achieve

To practice forward thinking, you must determine:

– Where you want to go

– How you will get there

– What knowledge and skills you will need

– Whether you now possess the motivation and determination that is needed

– What challenges you will encounter

– How you will overcome the obstacles

– Where you can make personal improvements

– How you can achieve the results that you want

Shortsighted students will never get anywhere in life. They have no goal, no plan, no drive and no desire to do what it takes to be successful. However, forward thinking students are going someplace. They have a goal and a plan and are motivated to do their best work. These students keep their eyes and ears open, always looking for any information that will help them achieve their goal. They prepare in advance, gather resources, improve their skills and anticipate the obstacles that may stand in their way.

Forward thinking students are the learners, the doers, the leaders and the ones who will make a positive impact on our futures. They do not wait for life to tap them on the shoulder. Rather, they get out there and actively influence the people and events that surround them, to ensure that success will favor them.