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Post Secondary DegreeChoosing exactly where to go for post secondary education has gotten tougher in the final handful of years. On November 29, 1996, Dr. B.K. Passi, Vice Chairperson of National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) wrote a letter to Sh. A.K. Guha, Director (.) MCD, intimating that the experienced view is that the teaching methodology at the Main College level is qualitatively distinct from that of Secondary level.

One particular most likely explanation for this distinction is the scarcity of secondary schools in rural Nepal. You can take a three-year BA or BSc, but it’s recognized as an Ordinary degree and is completely generalist, created of of 1st and 2nd year classes, with no subject specialism.

But, no matter if any particular American university would take into account AS-level to be the equivalent of a US high-college diploma is up to that university. The students who are specially educated for secondary and Senior Secondary level of Education are greatest suited for the post of Trained Graduate Teachers/Post Graduate Teachers in Secondary and Sr. Secondary Schools. Secondary education centers are referred to as middle schools, preparatory schools, higher schools, vocational schools and so on, based on their education objective.

At the next level, GCSE (Basic Certificate of Secondary Education) or Essential Stage 4, one chooses a quantity of subjects to study, at the end of which one particular requires GCSE exams (which are usually just referred to as GCSEs). However, in secondary schools the teaching assistant may possibly keep within a curriculum region (eg Maths), be assigned to a particular student or move involving a wide variety of groups and subjects. These are divided into two levels (A-level and AS-level) now, but let’s not get into that substantially detail. But if that college is not accredited, you will understand that the cash spent on earning the degree would be a waste in the lengthy run because it could grow to be a limiting factor in securing gainful employment. Recognized Applicant” implies the initial level of Degree Granting Authority status granted by the Division.

Express/Specific stream students take a four-year secondary school course that will culminate in the Levels at the end of secondary 4. Typical stream students take a five-year secondary school course which will consist of N Levels and Levels as properly if they carry out nicely.