Do Employers View Private College Education As Equivalent To Neighborhood College Education?

Post Secondary DegreeBefore this most current financial downturn, the U.S. was facing a shortage of skilled workers.  In simple terms, it implies that the school is giving an education that is far more specialized in that particular location. The secondary college parity index for all 17 nations with data is shown in Figure 1. The index ranges from a higher of .98 in Viet Nam to a low of .17 in Serbia. Even so, i have known students who leave after secondary school on their personal accord and have had to spend back MOE for the previous handful of years of education expenses incurred + 10% interest. As of 2011, there are approximately 19 junior colleges supplying the A Levels and a single supplying the International Baccalaureate.

If you want to pursue a profession choice as a public college teacher, you will need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early-Childhood Education. Secondary education is referred to as K-12 education in the United States, Australia and Canada and in New Zealand it is referred to as 1-13.

At 17 years, the official graduation age from secondary college, 7.eight% of all young children have been still in key college. The goal of secondary education is to ready students to either pursue a postsecondary education or enter into a vocational career that does not need further formal study.

The levels within those basic divisions may well vary from place to spot-a great deal of it based on how huge the buildings are and for that reason how several grades they can accommodate. The boards administer two public examinations – one is the Secondary College Certificate (SSC) Examination and the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination. The main and secondary levels of education are controlled by the seven Basic Education Boards, each covering a area. They subsequently became secondary schools of many degrees of importance, a few of them ranking tiny below the level of the ‘public schools’.

To conclude, college and/or post graduate educated, very successful career females are not wise if they elect to marry males who are much less educated and much less productive than they are. Note: The proposal for on line examination is beneath consideration of the Government of India and if authorized examination may possibly be held on-line. There is a difference among colleges and universities in the US, it is just not the similar one as in the UK. Universities can give (post)graduate degrees. What I discover bizarre is the mixture of British and American terminology in Canada.