Distinction Involving Secondary And Postsecondary Education

Post Secondary DegreeThis is all about the expert information, circulars, rules etc of the teachers appointed in West Bengal Govt. On November 29, 1996, Dr. B.K. Passi, Vice Chairperson of National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) wrote a letter to Sh. A.K. Guha, Director (.) MCD, intimating that the expert view is that the teaching methodology at the Main College level is qualitatively diverse from that of Secondary level.

I’m not sure how the statewide exams introduced, or in some instances reinforced, by the No Kid Left Behind law in the United States evaluate to the A-level exams in Britain, but most if not all states now demand high college seniors to pass a statewide exam just before they can get a diploma it is not just the usual round of final exams.

In basic although A individual achiving an Associates degree could expect to earn approxiamaetly $28,450 A individual getting a Bachelor’s degree could anticipate to earn around $57,100 depending on the level of specialization and the job, although a Masters degree in social function may raise your earning prospective to $90,500 per year (pay scale salary reports).

The attendance rates used to calculate the secondary college parity index are summarized in Table 2. The table also shows no matter whether the national agencies that implemented a survey chose ethnicity, language or religion to determine minorities.

In theory there were also Secondary Technical schools, that have been intended to train mechanics and technicians (electricians, plumbers – highly skilled manual workers) but several towns by no means set one up, and they never got the status they were intended to – perhaps the initially example of a lot of of the failure of high-status vocational education.