Cover Letter For Preschool Teacher

Preschool TeacherI am Anna Salts and I am interested to apply as a Preschool Teacher to your college. As with other teaching jobs, getting a preschool teacher can be rewarding as well as stressful helping youngsters create crucial expertise is absolutely fulfilling, but the physical and mental activity it can take to care for children ages three-5 can be exhausting.

ONET discusses the needs of preschool teachers as like caring for 3- to four-year-olds by supplying for their fundamental requirements, such as meals, potty training and social development, as nicely as cleaning up just after them and preparing them for kindergarten.

By contrast, in 13 states, like high expense-of-living ones like California, preschool teachers make much less than half what kindergarten teachers make, and in six states preschool teachers salaries were under the poverty level for a family of 4.

Move up to kindergarten, and your salary nearly doubles: The typical kindergarten salary final year was $51,640—no king’s ransom, to be confident, but surely a living wage in most components of the country (although now does appear like a good chance to revive the shocking statistic that the top 25 hedge-fund managers make more—by a lot more than $3 billion—than all kindergarten teachers in the country combined ).

Rasmussen College, School of Education delivers Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs at 3 levels to meet the wants of early childhood educators at any stage of their career: A 9-month ECE Certificate for those just receiving began, an Associate’s in ECE for these prepared to grow to be preschool teachers, or a Bachelor’s in ECE Leadership for these prepared to advance their careers by moving into administration.