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Post Secondary DegreeSecondary education is higher school, so post-secondary is college or trade school. According to the article 17 of the Constitution, all the youngsters of Bangladesh are supposed to obtain full absolutely free education up to secondary level. Some universities offer you a 2part degree exactly where students do 3 years pre-clinical and then apply once more to do 3 years clinical, this tends to be supplied by a lot more ‘traditional’ universities such as Oxford or Cambridge. The parent college need to assure they receive a transcript from the secondary college and that transfer credit is granted, grades permitting. These 5 universities of British Columbia provide the majority of degree level education. Following finishing the diploma system (24 units), you will be eligible for a BC teaching certificate. There is also a degree of classroom organisation involved, eg setting up equipment.

On November 29, 1996, Dr. B.K. Passi, Vice Chairperson of National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) wrote a letter to Sh. A.K. Guha, Director (.) MCD, intimating that the expert view is that the teaching methodology at the Principal School level is qualitatively distinctive from that of Secondary level.

This was clarified by circular dated January 7, 1985 wherein it has been stated that the NTC holders have been provided recognition to teach industrial subjects in the secondary schools for onferring NTC and that candidates holding NTC are not eligible for the post of teachers in the Panchayat Samities.

At 17 years, the official graduation age from secondary school, 7.8% of all children had been nonetheless in main school. The objective of secondary education is to ready students to either pursue a postsecondary education or enter into a vocational profession that does not call for further formal study.

Agent” indicates any person representing an institution or employed by an institution, that contacts persons in any manner for the purpose of soliciting enrollment in any course, system, or degree. Many also teach Access courses (university preparation for over 18s) and some will even teach complete degree courses which are then examined by the regional university. Rightly or wrongly, they are viewed in the way that an American may view a junior college (associate) degree. If the student is enrolled at the parent and the secondary school at the very same time (concurrent”) VA will pay for the combined credit, taking overlapping enrollment dates into account.