All Hell Is Breaking Loose in Our School Systems in Georgia!

All Hell Is Breaking Loose in Our School Systems in Georgia!

With class sizes increasing and teachers and also other support staff being released, what will occur to our little ones? Students were already suffering, particularly those with special needs. It has been a struggle every year to have the services and support the kids need from teachers b/c these are already overwhelmed. My son’s middle school went from having 3 counselors (one for each grade level) to 2 counselors, and next school year (2010-2011) they’ll only have 1 counselor.

theam even getting times when school systems are trying to dismiss students with disabilities such as Autism from being eligible for special education services. This is outrageous! If we think advocating for our children is hard now, just hold back until next school year. I believe Advocates are going to have their hands full.

As an old School Psychologist, I am disheartened incidentally school systems in Georgia are mistreating dedicated and loyal Educator’s. Salaries for many counselors are already reduced significantly, many positions are completely done away with (i.e., School Nurses in Clayton County Public Schools), while others are put in lower-level positions (i.e., Special Education Coordinators in Atlanta Public Schools will probably be put into classrooms to work as Teachers).

uses current Teachepsychologisthave jobs. Also, yearly contracts for EduIngenieriare held back until the last second after they were also informed about drastic already their current positions. This was done purposefully to prevent one away from having the capacity to sign up for jobs elsewhere should they were hung the changes made.

Why don’t you will find there’s Teacher’s union within Georgia? Whatever happened to the good old-fashioned strikes? Maybe my attitude differs b/c I result from California where they have got unions, employees have rights, the ones (parents and educators) pull together to guide the other person for the future of our children. This is a time when parents and educators need to function together, put aside our differences, remain true, and fight for what we believe in. I know from experience that whenever will findchere’sare certainly not treated right, our little ones won’t be treated right either.