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What You Need To Know About Healthcare Coding System

It is now common in the medical world nowadays to not be able to cater to all of the patients care and to keep things in order. There will be order though the moment that a medical institution will be using medical coding. It is now that there are already a number of different disease with also a number of different procedures that can be done to them. With this kind of information available, it is a must that there will be a system that can collect them and place them in order. Handling things will be a lot easier when this happens. It is with these codes that it corresponds to different diseases and disease that there will be an easier way for everyone to keep track of the patients progress.

When you are talking about medical coding, there are a number of different major healthcare medical coding systems available. It is the type of coding systems that the CPT or the Current Procedure Terminology is part of it. It is this one that uses numeric codes which have been developed by the American Medical Association. When the patient goes through an outpatient or inpatient procedure, then these codes are being used. It is here that different codes are used depending on the type of procedure that he has undergone. It is these codes that are more focused on the procedure and not at the disease itself.

It is also in the medical coding that the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System or the HCPCS is being used. The type of procedure that has been done including the tools that have been used are what this kind of coding covers. If the patient has been using a wheelchair or prosthetics, for example, then these can be seen in the HCPCS coding. It is this type of coding that has been developed also by the American Medical Association and is more definitive compared to the CPT. And it is also in this kind fi system that the medications being taken by the patient are also seen.
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When codes are needed for inpatient procedures, then an ICD code is used. Since the ICD 9 has been deemed obsolete which has been used for many years, it has been replaced with the ICD 10 and is now the current coding system for this type of procedure. It is also the ICD 10 that is being used to determine the cause of deaths of an individual. For better collection of data and comparison, it also the Who or the World Health Organization that is also using this kind of coding system.
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I also with the help of a coding system that the amount of payment by the patient as well as the insurance company that they have can be identified. With the coding system, things are organized and much easier to determine.