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Epoxy Flooring 2017: Let’s Learn About Epoxy Flooring and Its Benefits Have you always dreamed of having a durable, attractive and easy to maintain flooring? Well, epoxy floors may be the best answer to your long time wish. In this article, we learn more about epoxy floors and its benefits to your home or business establishment. Epoxy flooring is defined any flooring surface made up of multiple layers of epoxy coating applied to the floor with at least two millimeters depth. The depth of the epoxy makes the difference between epoxy floor coating and epoxy flooring. Epoxy refers to a system that involves two main components which are the resins and hardeners. These two components are mixed together and they create a chemical reaction in order to form a rigid plastic material that is resistant to degradation, durable and bonds extremely to is substrate. The different types of epoxy flooring you can choose from are self-dispersing epoxy floors, self-dispersing epoxy floors with quartz sand, mortar epoxy floors, gravelled epoxy floors, epoxy terrazzo floors, epoxy antistatic floors, and epoxy flaked floors. Self dispersing epoxy floors are very strong and used in areas with heavy use and traffic. Self dispersing epoxy floors with quartz sand have the same properties with self-dispersing epoxy floors with extra anti-slip properties. Self leveling epoxy floors are easy to clean, require low maintenance and are usually used in dining rooms, kitchens and so on. The strongest type of epoxy floor is the mortar epoxy floor, usually used in repairing small and large cracks before application of other types of epoxy floor. Gravelled epoxy floors are the most decorative of all epoxy floors with good anti-slip properties but complicated to lay. Epoxy terrazzo floors are perfect for large areas and they are very decorative at the same time. For the area to be free from static, epoxy antistatic floors are best used for sensitive areas. Flakes or chips are laid on the floor in epoxy flaked floors. Epoxy flooring have seamless, durable, chemical resistant, and attractive flooring surface. Epoxy flooring has an impact, heat, and fire resistance, thus improving your safety. With epoxy flooring, you can incorporate color zoning to define work zones, safety zones, and forklift zones. With epoxy flooring, operations’ productivity capabilities are increased plant because of reduced transport efforts of vehicles, faster movements and prevent floor damage. As compared to other flooring materials, epoxy flooring is environmentally friendly or a “green” alternative. Epoxy floorings are cost-efficient, aesthetically attractive, durable and easy to apply. You can check our website or homepage for more information about epoxy floorings. For your home or business establishment, allow us to share more insights with you.Practical and Helpful Tips: Flooring

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